Flat foot

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I think my child has flat foot – should I worry?

Not necessarily. Flat foot is a common condition – in fact, most children under the age of three are flat-footed as the arch does not develop until this age.

That means that treatment is rarely necessary for children under three years old.

How are older children treated for flat foot?

In older children, if the flat foot is causing pain when walking or running, or if it’s severe and likely to cause problems in the future, then treatment is an option.

Insoles can help, while mild forms of flat foot are best managed by supportive footwear with a supportive heel cup and shock absorbing sole.

Will my child need surgery for flat foot?

Surgery is rarely required in most instances of flat foot. However, there is a rare form where the foot becomes stiff, often causing pain. In these cases, surgery can often be the best course of action, with good outcomes.

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